3rd place on Hacksummit Hackathon!!!

We take 3rd place on the largest hackathon. And won 10000$. It’s awesome!!! Our project is a game.
Hackaton result – you can look here

Play the game here

notus (Andrey Oplesnin) – Developer c#(unity). Indie game dev. It’s me))
xmls (Timur Hamidullin) – 3d artist. Bugs are him! He also have offered idea of Bugs!!))
courvee (Andrey Trunov)- senior modeller. He created guns and UI
gasparfx (Alexander Oplesnin) – Programmer.
cellsul (Sergey Buglak) – Game Designer.
saagart (Stas Sidorov) – Game designer. Someone stop him! )
runchicrunch (Yuri Sukhorukov) – Sound designer.