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Help the sugars to get away from sweet tooth house and avoid getting into a cup of hot coffee! Sugar trip is a challenging and exciting logical puzzle, with sweet graphics and spicy music. 

Sugars were having sweet dreams in their box, until they discover their friends being cruelly thrown into a hot coffee! Frightened, they run away! But their friendship is so strong, that they are moving only all at once and never leave their friends behind. 

In Sugar trip you will help sugar cubes to run from sweet tooth house, overcoming obstacles of candies and pools. To pass the level sugar cubes must be at the finish cells all at once. But they move simultaneously, so every level turns out to be an exciting puzzle. 

During their trip sweet escapees will visit buffet, kitchen and workplace, where they will make acquaintance with bottle caps and meet their cane sugar brothers, who are doing everything backwards. 

Be careful: sugar cubes adventures may be a hard nut to crack.


Our little studio is called ChronoTheory. It consists of three people: a programmer, an artist and a composer. We all work in different places doing different things, so we organized the ChronoTheory studio specially for creating games in our spare time.